Alira Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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Dry red wine, 13.0% alcohol

A Cabernet Sauvignon created on the banks of the Danube, between Aliman and Rasova, after the philosophy of Bordeaux that impresses with its power and elegance. It is distinguished by a perfect harmony between the notes of ripe fruit and those of spices or even more rustic olfactory sensations of tanned skin. Well-integrated tannins help it to evolve beautifully for several years, remaining vigorous.

A safe and delicious association is that between Cabernet Sauvignon and red meat with a higher fat or pork content. Tannins of this variety have the gift of intensifying the tender feeling in the meat, potentiating the taste. The aromas of black fruits fit perfectly with spicy sauces, and the slightly rustic notes perfectly complement simple and savory dishes, such as stews. In order to experience to the maximum the potency of the wine can also be associated with a mutton pastrami with strong oriental spices.

Matured in the barrel 12 months

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Tasting notes and serving recommendations

Color: Intense ruby red

Smell: Blackcurrant, vanilla, coffee, truffles, chocolate, tanned skin, green pepper

Taste: The taste starts with black cherries, prunes, chocolate with rum and vanilla, over which come fine touches of paprika, pepper and sage. The cherry acidity is quickly controlled by the fine but pregnant tannins, a sign that the wine will have a long life.

Serving: Serving at a maximum of 18 °C, it can be stored for up to 10 years, away from the sunshine, in a horizontal position, at 13 °C.

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