Dry white wine

Alira Blanc is a fresh and delicate wine. It has lovely notes of green bell pepper, pomelo and fresh cut grass, sustained by an intense citric ending with a good acidity.


Pale yellow


Lovely notes of green bell pepper, pomelo and fresh cut grass


The taste is of elderflowers, gooseberry and passion fruit. The” playful” minerality recommends it as a suitable wine for the summer, and the long-lasting aftertaste confirms the quality.


Best serve chilled at 8-10 ° C, it can be stored for up to 3 years, away from the sun, in a horizontal position.

Culinary associations

Goat cheese, sushi, salad Cesar

This refreshing wine goes great with a soft cheese, perhaps even with a higher fat content such as goat or accompany a salad with mayonnaise or parmesan sauce. Also, the acidity recommends it alongside fish dishes such as sushi, the international favorite of the younger generation.

Wine-making and maturation

Hand-picked, vinified in stainless steel

The grapes are manually picked, and then carefully selected on the sorting tables. The pressing was very delicate at low pressures. The must fermented for 10 days at 16 ° C. Then, for a period of 20 days, the wine stood on fine yeast, during which two batonnages were made.

The wine fermented in stainless steel tanks to keep its freshness.


2017 The Balkans International Wine Competition, Silver Medal

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