Flamma, in ancient Latin, is the burning passion in the souls of those who love what they do, what they see, what they feel or what they taste. Resonating every day in the vineyard or in the cellar with these passions, we sought to incorporate all the meanings into a new and expressive collection.

That’s how ALIRA Flamma was born, a proposition for all burning souls. We have been able to express our love for our vineyards at Aliman and Rasova through a series of complex wines that can satisfy even the most exquisite tastes.

ALIRA Flamma is the burning passion of our people in order to have excellent results every autumn. It is the joy that the enologist feels when he tastes his creation directly from the tank or barrel and knows it was a good year. ALIRA Flamma is the satisfaction that the consumer feels through in each bottle, through each glass, up to the last drop of tasty wine.

Through a collection of different wines, the ALIRA Flamma range contains one wine for each personality.