Alira- The story

Alira – The Story
Alira is an 80-acre boutique winery, located in Dobrogea, on the hills overlooking the banks of the Old Danube. The values that guide us are the respect for nature, quality instead of quantity and providing a premium experience for every customer.

The name Alira is a merge between the names of the localities of Aliman and Rasova where our vineyards are located and where the wine is crafted. This is a special place where nature works in favor of man and the only ingredients missing to make a legendary wine were passion and skill.

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Alira Vinul wine of romania

Alira Wines

Alira Grand Vin

Alira Flamma

Tribes Kosher & Vegan

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Alira Clasic

Alira Grand Vin

Alira Grand Vin

Alira Flamma

Alira Flamma

Alira Tribes

gama tribes kosher vegan

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Alira Champagne J. de Telemont inclinat