Alira Winery


Alira is an 80-acre boutique winery, located in Dobrogea, on the hills overlooking the banks of the Old Danube. We believe in respect for nature and quality at the expense of quantity. We do all this in the hope of providing a premium experience to every customer.

The name

The name ALIRA is a merge between the names of the localities of Aliman and Rasova where our vineyards are located and where the wine is born on the banks of the Danube. This is a special place where nature works in favor of man and the only ingredients missing to make a legendary wine were passion and skill.

The wine tradition in the area spreads over millennia, with pieces of evidence dating back to Geto-Dacians times. It was re brought to life in a modern way by the French oenologist Mark Dworkin, who had an intuition regarding the potential of the place. The investments were made with the help of businessman Dr. Karl Hauptmann, a wine enthusiast who shares the vision. They included Alira in an international network of top wine cellars. This family of wineries includes Bulgaria’s Bessa Valley and Chateau 9 Peaks in China, and is guided by a common philosophy of making wine.  The winemaker Mark Dworkin has a long-standing experience in the Bordeaux area and has chosen to create characterful wines in Romania which preserve the staple mark of the local terroir.


The logo

Alira’s logo is a Centaur, a faithful representation of a Roman sculpture that refers to the legend of the War between the Lapiths and the Centauri. This was a battle started by the Centauri who could not control their animal behavior when consuming wine.


The symbolism of this statue is strictly related to the nickname “centaurs“ received by the inhabitants of Thracia from the Greeks. All Alira wines have in their composition a dimension of power, force, even masculinity, the wild nature which gave birth to them is still alive and can be felt.