The Terroir

Alira Winery

Intuition and vision

Passionate about wine, the businessman Dr. Karl Hauptmann wanted a cozy vineyard, in a country he fell in love at first sight: Romania. Finding this paradise was a mere chance. After the first land surveyed proved to have too much salt in the ground, the team, on their way back, passed through the Dobrogea area.
Then Marc Dworkin, the French enologist sent by Karl, saw the sunny hills of Aliman in the car. He stopped and searched quietly and closely the place where, at that time, a large maize field was lying. It's one of his talents to feel the breath of the earth. After a while, that place would host and enjoy superb rows of vines.
The intuitive selection of the terrain was just the beginning of a thorough study. However, the detailed soil analyzes sent to laboratories in France have only confirmed Marc Dworkin's talent for wine and wine. He was right!
Now the paradise of Aliman is complete.

The terroir at Aliman and Rasova

Terroir- characteristics

• The Dobrogea Hill vineyard is part of the Dobrogea Plateau, bounded between the Danube, the Black Sea and the border with Bulgaria.
• Physico-geographic features: predominantly plateau relief, alternating with low altitude, soil characterized by fragmentation, loessic envelope and a wet continental climate, favorable to the steppe and the Pontic forest and valley.
• Eco climate: large amount of global radiation (89-91kcal / cm) and heliothermal resources (IH = 2.37- 2.45), with the lowest water resources (CH = 0.7 - 0.8).
• Rainfall regime: low (212 - 257 mm during the vegetation period)
• Lithological particularities: Loess deposits, which are interrupted by the occurrence of shercyal limestone, are predominant. The loess has a sandy texture, and on the slopes there are heavily eroded soils.

Terroir influences

All these technical features favor the growth of high-quality vineyards and rich, fruitful, exceptional wines. After all, that's what we wanted, to get good wine for the people who deserve it. Because when one tastes of our wines, he does not feel only the strong flavors or the complex structure, he feels the story behind the wine, the hard work of every person who invested effort, time and passion to offer an extraordinary moment: the Alira wines.