Pocket decanter

The pocket decanter invented by Optiwine is a patented, unique process in the world that brings wine to the pinnacle of its potential and reveals all its aromatic qualities thanks to nano-aeration.

This precision instrument for wine is remarkable for both for its ingenuity and its practical character. Simple to use, it is suitable for all types of wine. An extra advantage is the considerable time saved because on average, it only takes 10-15 minutes before the wine can be tasted to its fullest.

Whether you are a simple wine enthusiast or a professional, Optiwine offers everyone the opportunity to discover the unspoiled aroma of the wine.

How to use it

  1. Select the optiwine adapted to the type and age of the wine and place it on the neck of the bottle immediately after pulling out the cork stopper.

2. Carefully press the optiwine and slowly shake the bottle back and forth, keeping the pressure constant throughout the process:

• Twice for a 375 ml bottle

• 3 times for a 750 ml bottle

• 5 times for 1500 ml (magnum)

3. Wait at least 10 minutes before serving, leaving it on the glass. Wait about 20 minutes if there is a sediment in the wine.

4. Pour the wine into the glass and observe the development of wine over time.

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