Off-dry red wine

A special wine with delicious, intense color. Elegant, with hints of rose petals, citrus is also very fruity reminding of strawberries and red apples.Off-dry but with a medium body, elegant, but with a strong character, it is a wine that appeals to a pretentious audience.




Strawberry, red apple,floral aromas


Citrus, rose, grapefruit


Best enjoyed at maximum 11°C, after it has been opened with at least half an hour before. It can be stored for up to 2 years, away from the sun, in a horizontal position at 9°C.

Culinary associations

Blue Cheese, Milk Chocolate

The fruity character of the Tribes Rosa wine fits with fish or seafood, or even elegant dishes such as lobster. The higher sugar content can counterbalance more spicy sauces found in Asian cuisine. Can also accompany fruit desserts, such as red fruit tarts.

Wine-making and maturation

Hand-picked, created in stainless steel

The first selection is performed on the vineyard and only good, fully mature grapes are hand-picked, then carefully selected again on sorting tables. The philosophy is to only ferment good quality grapes. The tanks are filled by gravity without crushing the fruit.

Prizes and certifications

The wine is certified by accredited organizations as Super Kosher, including Passover and it is and Non-Mevushal.

Technical sheets

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