Dry red wine

Alira Tribes Cuvee captures the best parts from each of the grape varieties in the blend. Merlot brings fruitiness, nicely enhanced by the spices and strong tannins from the Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a full body, a long length in the aftertaste with a medium intensity that goes excellent with the fresh acidity. Alira Tribes Cuvee is a gastronomic wine, so make sure you pair it with your favorite food.


Deep Ruby


Dry plums, raspberries, figs.


Chocolate, spices, sage


Best enjoyed at maximum 17° C, it can be stored for up to 10 years, away from the sun, in a horizontal position at 13 °C.

Culinary associations

Roast of lamb or duck

A premium blend inspired by a classic Bordeaux, this wine is the right companion for a festive dinner. We recommend serving it with a roast lamb or cooked duck, both served with expressive sauces. The strong character of wine can withstands very bold associations as this is a gourmet wine.

Wine-making and maturation

Matured in oak barrel for 6 months

The first selection is performed on the vineyard and only good, fully mature grapes are hand-picked, then carefully selected again on sorting tables. The philosophy is to only ferment good quality grapes. The tanks are filled by gravity without crushing the fruit. Cold maceration of whole berries is performed from 5 to 8 days at 12 -14 °C. Alcoholic fermentation with an addition of selected Kosher yeast strains is controlled at 26-28 °C for 8-10 days, followed by maceration in 20 cubic meters-thermoregulated stainless steel tanks for 5 days.
Aged in oak barrels for 6 months.

Prizes and certifications

The wine is certified by accredited organizations as Super Kosher, including Passover and it is and Non-Mevushal.

  • 2017, The Balkans International Wine Competition, Bronze Medal
  • 2017, International Wine Contest Bucharest, Gold Medal

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