The ALIRA Tribes Wine Story is the connection between winemaking traditions at Aliman and the time of the Jewish riots when the coin on the label was minted. The name “Tribes” refers to the 12 Jewish tribes.

This is the only Kosher Romanian wine, a product that follows the old Kashrut tradition. What is special about this wine is that the whole process of making wine is a ritual, from choosing the place where grapes grow up to serving it in a glass. Wine is created under the supervision of a rabbi, entirely by people of Mosaic religion.

Alitra Tribes Vegan

Although there are no 100% vegan wines, as yeasts are microorganisms, the accepted definition refers to the fact that no agents of animal origin are used in the fining processes. Traditionally, bull-blood was used, but this is no longer allowed in Europe. The substances still in use include gelatine (bone), casein (milk), albumin (egg) and isinglass (from fish). Alternatives accepted under PeTA include active carbon, bentonite or kaolin (clay types), limestone, vegan casein, and silica gel.

The Tribes range also contains a line of vegan wines, Alira being among the few Romanian wine producers offering this option.