Sweet red wine

A true nectar, the wine is distinguishable through its red ruby color and delights by a rich nose of licorice, cocoa, and sour cherry syrup. Being made in the recioto style out of late harvested grapes, the wine has a full body with a velvety texture and aromas of prunes, blackberries, blackcurrants, followed by final notes of crème brûlée and sweet spices. The aftertaste is medium, with final extractive notes. Sweet and strong, Alira Eleganza is not just a wine, it is bottled love.


Intensive ruby


Licorice, cocoa, sour cherry syrup


Tastes like prunes, plums, blackberries, blackcurrants and crème brûlée. The high acidity that helps the wine to be balanced. A complex and structured wine. Medium aftertaste, characterized by cherry jam and chocolate.


Serve it at maximum 13 ° C after opening and decanting at least 30 minutes before. It can be stored for up to 5 years, away from the sun, in a horizontal position at 10 ° C.

Culinary associations

Desserts with chocolate, crème brûlée, exotic fruits

A sweet wine with intense cocoa notes is a suitable companion for any dessert based on chocolate, mousse or lava cake. It can also be eaten alongside crème brûlée or exotic fruits, which emphasize its aromatic nuances.

Wine-making and maturation

Recioto style, matured in oak 8 months

The wine is made through the appassiamento method, recioto style. Grapes are left to turn gray in the vineyard and are harvested late when they are almost raisins, after which they are manually selected for winemaking. The wine is matured in French oak barrels for 8 months.


  • 2017- The Balkans International Wine Competition: Silver Medal

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