Alira Eleganza

Dessert wines are a special category, being produced by special processes that stimulate the natural accumulation of sugar in the grape, without losing the fruity character of the grape or the acidity that makes the sweet sweet wine drinkable.

In the case of Alira Eleganza, the inspiration comes from the Recioto method, which consists in drying the grapes on straw mats before they press and ferment them It is recommended with luxurious chocolate desserts, being what the Italians call a Wine for Meditation, to be enjoyed one sip at a time.

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Alira J.De Telmont

De Telmont is in the top 20 of the Champagne Houses. This is a result of a number of factors including the annual struggle of the artisans’ through their knowledge, handpicking the grapes in a delicate process, aging in oak barrels and adding pure passion. Their products have become an expression of excellence in the world of “champagne” so that, together with Alira, they have decided to produce a special sparkling wine for the premium market in Romania. We are proud of this association and the fact that we could contribute to the “secret recipe” of wine to delight bubbly consumers with a truly stylish, quality and remarkable product: Champagne Alira by J. De Telmont, because happiness is also measured in milliliters.

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