Inspired by the tradition in Bordeaux to offer the best wine of the cellar the Grand Vin classification, this Alira collection brings a plus of quality, flavor and satisfaction.

All the wines of the collection are made only from the best grapes, coming from the best parcels, where the vineyard is carefully groomed, and the production per hectare is drastically kept under control, so that the best grapes can take part of all the wealth of the Danube, the soil and the sun of Dobrogea.

After manual picking and the careful selection of the grapes from which ALIRA Grand Vin will be produced, comes a world-class vinification, including carefully controlled fermentation and ageing in the best oak barrels. Even after this carefully controlled process, only the wines which are considered exceptional will be bottled under the label Alira Grand Vin, a symbol of quality and prestige.