Dry red wine

The most famous red varieties in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, combine in this complex, fine and elegant assemblage. ALIRA Flamma Rosu Baricat is perfect for those who love strong, tasteful and characterful sensations with a silky finish offered by maturation in French oak barrels for each wine.


Ruby red


Ripe cherries, dried leaves, espresso foam


Blackberries, plums, wood


Serve at maximum 17 degrees after the bottle was opened one hour before. It can be stored for up to 6 years at a temperature of 13 degrees, away from light, in a horizontal position.

Culinary associations

Ribs with BBQ sauce, Pulled Pork

The oak notes perfectly accompany dishes dominated by smoked flavors or strong sauces. We recommend you to enjoy Alira Flamma Rosu Baricat along with pork dishes such as ribs served with barbeque sauce or a slow-cooked specialty like the pulled pork. The intense aromas of the wine emphasize those of the food, especially if strong spices are used.

Wine-making and maturation

Matured in oak barrel for 3 months

The grapes are hand-picked and then carefully selected on the sorting tables. The cold maceration of grapes takes between 5 and 8 days at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C. The alcoholic fermentation (100% by the addition of selected yeast) is controlled at 26-28 ° C between 8-10 days, followed by hot maceration (thermo maceration) between 5-8 days. The wine was matured in French oak barrels for 3 months.

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