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The feast of the harvest in the vineyards of Aliman

After a 3-year hiatus, Alira brought together her partners, distributors, people from the wine industry, as well as collaborators and wine lovers in Aliman for the Harvest Feast 2022, which took place on September 24. The picking party combined the traditional theme with modern elements, offering a complex experience to those present.


The morning began with the reception of Dobrogea-style invitations with a glass of Alira Flamma Charme sparkling and a snack made up of greaves, cheese, onions and bread baked in clay ovens. The good will and dance were provided by the Folkloric Ensemble Doina Dobrigei, and the master of ceremony Cosmin Tudoran presented the key moments of the event.


The guests had guided tours of the Alira Grand Vins winery, picking competitions, walks through the vineyard with off-road cars, provided by the partners from Auto Como Constanta and Alira wine tastings accompanied by barbecues crafted by Grill Master.


The charity part was not missing from the event, and the amount related to the work performed by the participants in the picking contest was donated to the School of Aliman. The artist Mircea Costea, together with 6 amateur artists, donated the works for a live auction, after which the proceeds were donated to the Aliman School for school supplies.


Following an investment of over 5.2 million euros, started in 2019, in Aliman we can enjoy a new production and storage winery of about 1.2 million liters annually. The wine cellar is equipped with a state-of-the-art processing line, and the grape reception line is both manual and automated. It was possible to visit the area of reception of grapes, fermentation and maturation in French oak barrels.


But to the delight of the public at this year’s Harvest Feast, the grapes were crushed in a cart of bare soles by virgins. The wort could be tasted right on the spot.


For the first time , Alira Aliman was tasted – a barricaded chardonney who is present exclusively at the winery’s Wine Shop. If you cross the threshold of the winery, you can also visit the Alira wine shop, where you will find packages and special offers for visitors at advantageous prices.

If you want to visit the wine cellar and vineyards of Aliman, you do not have to wait until next year, but you can book your tour even for this autumn. Choose from the packages below that suits you and book it to your phone number: 0758238979.


Tours guided by winery oenologist Alira Grand Vins:

UNICUM tasting (Alira Sauvignon Blanc, Alira Rosé, Alira Tribun and a surprise wine from the winery) – tour duration: 30 min, price: 65 lei/pers.

MEMORABLE tasting (Alira Sauvignon Blanc, Alira Rosé, Alira Tribun, Alira Cabernet Sauvignon, Alira Fetească Neagră and a surprise wine from the winery) – tour duration: 30-45 min, price: 85 lei/pers, min. 4 persons.

AMPLUS tasting (Alira Sauvignon Blanc, Alira Rosé, Alira Concordia, Vertical by Alira Fetească Neagră – from 3 different years, Alira Grand Vin Merlot and a surprise wine from the winery) – tour duration: 45-60 min, price: 100 lei/pers, min. 4 persons.

The complete offer, discounts and additional options that are in force will be communicated to you at the time of choosing the desired package.


*Our wines can be found for sale, both in the shop of the Alira Grand Vins winery and on our website


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