Alira, a love story written in wine

Anca and Ciprian, a pair of beautiful and loving young people from Baia Mare, attended the Wine and Gastronomy Festival organized by La Fontana. Of all the wines they tasted, Alira remained on their palate and in their heart.

The city of Baia Mare is renowned for gourmet festivals and fairs, and La Fontana is the place where you go to spoil yourself with goodies and enjoy good wines. From 2015, the Wine and Gastronomy Festival is held here and it is becoming more and more popular every year. In 2017, Anca and Ciprian, less than a month before their wedding, went to the Festival and tasted the wines from the partner wine cellars. Of all wines, they and their friends loved Alira, which became the main subject of the discussion that evening. “I went home, and my husband said that if we have a girl, we would call her Alira. We laughed because we did not plan to have a baby too soon, nor were we married, “Anca says, smiling.

The two had been together for some time, but they had set their year 2018 slightly different from what it would be like. In October they had the wedding, and after two months the miracle happened. “Although it was a surprise to both of us, somehow we already knew how we would call our little girl.” That’s how beautiful Alira was born. From a love story written in wine. They have received many questions about the origin of this atypical name. “Everyone asks me from what comes, and we always respond proud and excited: it comes from a wine we like,” says the new mother.

Alira was recently baptized, and we believe you can guess what wines were there for the guests to enjoy. Alira Wines have been a gift from us for the young parents and for the new dimension they offered towards the passion we put in our work to create a wine that brings happiness.

We bow before them and little Alira, but also to you, to all those who smiled at least once after having tasted our wines. Because happiness can be measured in milliliters.


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