What is, in fact, “champagne”?

A symbol of exceptional and popular occasions all over the world, ” the champagne” is a sparkling wine made by the Champenoise method only in the Champagne region of France, so rightly, we will now call it Champagne.

Dom_Pérignon champagne sampanie alira

The beginnings of this remarkable drink are marked, paradoxically, by the doubt of its qualities, since, at first, it was considered a spoiled wine. Monks from the Champagne region wanted to produce, like their neighbors in Burgundy, high-quality red wines, but the pedo-climatic conditions were not helpful. High acidity, slow ripening, and low temperatures contributed to the production of low-alcohol wines with high carbon dioxide content and a lot of foam. Few bottles managed to remain intact in the cellars of the monks, as the thin glass did not withstand the pressure of the wine, usually bursting apart. But when a monk, later became famous for this, tasted the wine that started foaming he said: “I am drinking stars”.

As time passed, science and technique have evolved a lot, hence the emergence of pressure-resistant bottles, and the Champagne has become more and more popular, especially with the French nobility.

Today there are several types of sparkling wines, classified by the fermentation method, grape varieties, and regions. Champagne, however, remains in the sparkling elite as a pillar of quality and taste. How do we identify we have such a wine in our glass? Most times, the fine bubbles which rise straight up, the toasty notes and the buttery aftertaste.

Not far from Reims, just 30 kilometers away, is the Champagne House J. De Telmont. The story of this place began in 1912 when Henry L’Hopital decided to produce his sparkling wine. The vineyard stretches over an area of approximately 30 hectares, including three grape varieties. The grapes used for this Champagne are not all grown here, some are bought from one of the 40 villages in the immediate vicinity. The House of Champagne J. De Telmont produces eight different cuvees, each with its own style and perfect quality.

Alira Champagne J. de Telmont mic

Three generations later, J. De Telmont is at the top of the 20 largest houses in Champagne. This is the combined result of the artisans’ knowledge, manual picking – a delicate process, aging in oak barrels and pure passion. Their products have become an expression of excellence in the world of “champagne” so that together with Alira they have decided to produce a special sparkling wine for the premium market in Romania. We are proud of this association and the fact that we could contribute to the “secret recipe” of wine to delight our consumers with a truly stylish, quality and remarkable product: Champagne Alira by J. De Telmont because happiness is also measured in milliliters.


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