Optiwine Pocket Decanter, essential element for any sommelier

Translated article from SommelierS International magazine, October 2018

Primers 2017 Week took place in April, where Optiwine closed the event at The invitation of Dany Rolland with a blind tasting of 11 vintages, each participant having the chance to compare these bottles of decanted wine using Optiwine or classical methods.

The event was attended by some of the world’s greatest sommeliers such as Paolo Basso, Andreas Larsson and Hervé Pennequin, with wine bottles such as ‘vertical de Château Fontenil’ and ‘Défi du Fontenil’ being tasted. Of the 11 vintages tasted in the blind, 8 were preferred by decanting Optiwine.

Meeting with Olivier Caste, who brought the Optiwine pocket decanter into the hands of the most famous sommeliers

Question: Optiwine has convinced many partners over the past two years; can you give us more details?

Answer: Indeed, more and more people in the industry are using Optiwine. Those in restaurants in particular find our products extremely efficient in terms of saving time and tasting it in the best recommended conditions. Another important element for our image and for the French wine industry is that the product is made in France. Our partners include Moët Hennessy, which have encouraged us from the beginning and we have worked together on several projects of their wineries (Cheval des Ande), but also The Baron Philippe de Rothschild Group through Mouton Cadet and Escudo Rojo, Grand Crus such as Léoville Poyferré, Pape Clément, Fonplégade, Roubine, Talbot, Château Petit Val or La Dame de Boüard. Many hotels and restaurants sell our products under their own label, with the Intercontinental Grand Hotel in Bordeaux proposing for the first time that Optiwine decanters should be found in each hotel room, thus innovating hotel services concerning the wine experience.

Q: Is Optiwine also present internationally?

A: Since we were finalists in the LVMH Innovation Award, we have also expanded into international markets. In Spain we work with Bodega Torres and we started working with Romania, Mauritius and Tahiti, while initiating discussions with the USA, South America and Australia.

Q: Tell us more about the Optiwine experience?

A: Most wines need oxygen once the bottle has been opened, with oxygen intensifying certain aromatic compounds. After three years of research, numerous prototypes and an international patent we have observed that the exposure of the wine to a very small amount of oxygen immediately after opening the bottle is beneficial for its aromatic development, compared to traditional methods of decanting. Optiwine is ideal for both experienced sommeliers and wine lovers, as it guarantees that the wine is exposed to the right amount of oxygen.

Q: Do you have any new projects for the coming months?

A: The development of projects alongside famous brands represents a large part of our turnover. Since Optiwine has been a success both in terms of sales itself and by offering it as a gift, we aim to continue strengthening our global position through the professional work of product ambassadors, sommeliers, restaurants and wine traders, while trying to get in touch with distributors in the USA and Europe.

The ultimate goal for Optiwine is to be present through all the top services in the wine industry and why not, to find a partner to help us accelerate our growth.

The Classic Optiwine package can be found in our online shop,which contains three nano-aerators suitable for all ages of wine.

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